Chobham Common

The Chobham Common One Observatory Site is dedicated to the following people who have quietly and not so quietly contributed towards the conservation of Chobham Common National Nature Reserve.

Clive Watts – Surrey County Council Warden

Andy Wragg – Surrey County Council and Surrey Wildlife Trust Warden and Ranger

Gavin Harkness – Surrey County Council and Surrey Wildlife Trust Senior Ranger

Steve Fry – Surrey County Council and Surrey Wildlife Trust Senior Ranger

Dave Boddy – Surrey County Council and Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger and Area Manager

Darren Brito – Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger

Jill Titlestad – Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger

Nikki Buckland – Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger

Caroline Cope – Surrey wildlife Trust Ranger

Vicki Russell – Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger

Scotty Dodd – Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger

Dr Rachel O’Hara – Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger

Ken Anckorn – Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger

John Wilsher – Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger

Gemma Hayes- Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger

Michael Jones – Surrey Wildlife Trust Ranger

Andrew Jennings-Giles, Sarah Bunce, Markus Jaskari, George, Ellie Castle, Matt Sharp, Scott Hudson, Jenny Sibley, Scott Hudson

Practical Management Estates Team

Often wrongly overlooked for their contribution have been the practical management Estates Team. It was them that undertook the first major scrub clearances in the 90s under Countryside Stewardship. It was them that installed and maintained much of the reserves infrastructure and helped clear litter and fly tipping. The list really could be endless. Much more than just the “doers” many of them were passionate about the countryside of Surrey and were perhaps the staff with the most knowledge of all the sites across the county.

Kevan Conroy
Doug Simmons
Andy Bangs
Jim McClean
Nev Griffin
Colin Barnet
Jim McClean

Ian Button
Kevin Chapman
Mark Smith
Dave Evans
Joel Street

Mark Betts
Jon Simms
Nick Buss
Dave McMullen
Stuart Newell
Matt Harmswoth
Nick Ireland
Simon Taylor


There are then many volunteers both parts of groups like the Model Aircraft Fliers (CCMAFA), Chobham Angling Society, the Thursday group (SWT) and locals who have made an incredible contribution to the physical management of the site.

Sometimes an individual volunteer comes forward and makes a personal contribution of time and effort which should be celebrated. So, maybe unfairly, we would highlight;

Paul Godley
Sarah Bunce
Martin Thompson
Tim Searle
Graham Webster

Libby Ralph
Steve Duffy
Paul Godley
Paul Barrow
Paul Jarvis

David Baldock
Dr John Pontin
Professor David Moss
James Curwen

Officers of Local Government

Long before there was any awareness of the conservation importance of CCNNR there were individuals and commoners who did their best to protect this wonderful place.

The Chobham Common Preservation Committee has worked tirelessly in this pursuit in particular Joy Mason and now Peter Higgs and Rob Searle continue this work.

Local organisations have also contributed, in particular Chobham Common Riding Association and the Chobham Society.

Chobham Parish Council has always sought to protect the Common and to emphasise its importance to the community both culturally and recreationally.

There have been many officers of Local government over the years who have worked with the managers of the common but safe to say that 2 deserve special mention.

Wayne Purdon
John Foley

Conservation Officers from Natural England

It is also true to say that without the support and understanding of the Conservation Officers from Natural England (and their ancestors English Nature and Nature Conservancy Council) then Chobham Common would not be in the condition it now is. Amongst their number;

Graham Steven
Ralph Hobbs
Peter Tinning
Carol Mortimer

Natural England Thames Basin Heaths Team

Increasingly important is the work of the Natural England Thames Basin Heaths Team. Not only have they got their hands dirty with helping with practical tasks they are the front line in building relationships and increasing understanding amongst visitors to the site, particularly dog walkers.

Sarah Bunce
Nikki Buckland
Mike Taylor
Daniel Creech
Bob Crompton
Dave Haskell
Karina Theisera
Katie Breach
Jono Shavlear
Victoria Huth
Ruth Papwoth
Jo Wilsher

Apologies if you feel I have missed anybody, you can always try to persuade me of deserving additions! SF